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Narconon Nepal rehabilitation center blankets country with drug education
Kathmandu’s Narconon® rehabilitation center produces drug-free lives, but they have also reached out to over seven million people through TV, radio and newspapers. Their staff and students have given live drug ed talks to more than 500,000 persons in schools, the armed forces, and other venues. They held the first-ever 5,000 person anti-drug march through the new main street of Kathmandu, ending with a huge rally.

When he was Senior Supt for the Chief of Police for Kathmandu, Basanta Raj Kunwar learned about Narconon methods. He asked for our help to bring the program to Nepal. His Pratigya Foundation staff trained at a center in Melbourne and others were interned at home in Nepal. Their drug rehabilitation center has since saved hundreds of lives and is constructing new facilities in the hills outside Kathmandu.

If you have any questions, or comments about the Narconon program, please visit www.narconon.org
Over 5,000 join Narconon
for a anti-drug march and
rally through downtown
Narconon International has many resources to help someone overcome drug addiction. We offer educational materials to help prevent drug abuse. For more information, visit our website www.narconon.org. For our published materials, visit the Narconon bookstore.

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