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Help our prisoner students to help us, and receive a tangible exchange for yourself. (click photos below to see for yourself)

Criminon correspondence courses are given to prisoners free because they have little money.

Criminon is penetrating the most suppressive corners of the correctional system and bring theta and calm to these hellholes.

Almost all of our prisoners want to exchange for the help they have been given. Most recommend the courses to other students and help their friends.

Several prisoners DO have something they can exchange directly. And they DO want to exchange with Criminon for the life-saving wins they have gotten. And this is art.

“Prisoner art” is a growing category. But its full potential has not been conceived to be able to actually fund a humanitarian drive to eradicate criminality.

The theta in the aesthetics produced by the pieces “humanizes” the prisoner and blows off the generality in the public’s mind and the non-confront on these human beings.

We have an increasing inventory of very theta art, done on the most improbable materials with outlandish tools under conditions that make these works even more special. Criminon International will be making these available in many forms on many channels to meet our goal of 100Xing the number of students on correspondence courses weekly (currently 8000 a week internationally.)

To be able to launch this project/expand correspondence course delivery, we are offering beautiful 8x10 reproductions of several of these works for those who help us with this project and our correspondence delivery.

OK – So what do I have to do?

I have attached thumbnails of 4 pieces of art from a “lifer” who is a graduate of all the Criminon courses. (Let me know if you can’t receive them and we will get them to you in another format.)

It costs us approximately $100 to fully get a prisoner through a Criminon course.

For $50, pick which of the 4 pictures you would like a beautiful 8x10 reproduction of.

For $100 – pick two.

For $150—pick three.

Or make it easy – for $200 we will send you the full set.
Payment is easy – send a check made out to Criminon International at 7060 Hollywood Blvd Suite 220, Hollywood CA 90028, or to pay by credit card, simply log on to our website at www.criminon.org.

Make your choice, then proudly show them to friends and associates. You are in on the start of a major grassroots movement using aesthetics to forward the regaining of self-respect by those ensnared in the criminal justice system.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for what you have done in the past and for what you will do in the future.

Yours Truly,

Nancy Pomerantz
ED Criminon International

The How to Start a Criminon® Activity Kit
The How to Start a Criminon® Activity Kit contains what you need to not only rehabilitate a person's self-respect and to turn him into a productive individual, but also to create a safer community for all.
It includes:

A checklist that walks you through the contents of the kit, and tells you how to get started.
4 The Way to Happiness® Correspondence Course packs.
3 Learning Skills for Life course packs.
2 How to Deal with Ups and Downs in Life course packs.
2 Successful Parenting Skills course packs.
2 Understanding and Overcoming Addiction course packs.
2 Supervisor Grading Materials packs.
2 Supervisor Hat Packs

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