Nancy Cartwright [Voice of Bart Simpson]

I would like to personally highly commend Nancy Cartwright for being the first individual responsible for funding the distribution of one million (1,000,000) The Way to Happiness books
- Denice TWTH foundation.

Although you may not recognize her name, you would certainly recognize her voice. Nancy Cartwright is the voice of Bart Simpson and many characters on other animated shows.

Read Her Inspiring Interview Below.

1. How has The Way to Happiness been accepted in society?

Given the fact that 77 million copies have distributed all around the world in over 90 languages, I'd say it is one of, if not THE most accepted non-religious ethical guides in print.

1,000,000 distributed inthe San Fernando Valley                 Crime Rates Drop in Los Angeles
2. How are you using The Way to Happiness in your community?

I co-founded Happy House, about 4 years ago. It is a non-profitorganization who uses The Way to Happiness book and PSAs to “Build Better Families”. Through Happy House, I have distributed 1,000,000 copies of The Way to Happiness to homes within the San Fernando Valley, delivered family workshops on how to useThe Way to Happiness in life, and with the help of people like Carol Loweree and TimMelchior, are delivering a pilot program using The Way to Happiness for younger people in youth centers and schools.

3. What benefit would The Way to Happiness have for Community leaders,sports coaches etc.?

It is such a practical tool and when it is accompanied by the 21 Public Service Announcements to give an aesthetic visual demonstration of each precept, it presents a viewpoint that seems to be missing in our neighborhoods. Many families are broken up. Many couples are forced to divide expenses by both parents having jobs. The “family unit” has suffered a bit from this. Also, there are so many distractions that pull our attention from actually helping the youth of today: videos, DVDs, the internet, video games, etc. By having A The Way to Happiness program in any community, school, club, etc. the kids would get a little “boost of truth,” a little bit of that basic community and family value-based education --somethingthat I feel is lacking in many of their environments.

4. Have you seen any changes in the crime following your One Million booklet distribution?

I read the statistic in the Daily news that violent crime rate in the Valley dropped 40% in January 2008 as compared to January 2007. I personally funded the distribution of one million The Way to Happiness booklets to 500,000 homes in the Valley and Burbank, in 3 languages. Obviously there is no means of spotting the exact cause of the drop in crime, and there are a lot of good people out there working on the gang problem, trying to get youth programs going, etc. But after this massive mailing of this simple, common-sense book, to see that the crime rate dropped that drastically, I don't think it was just a coincidence.

5. What is it about The Way to Happiness that makes it accessible despite religious or philosophical beliefs?

The very fact that it is not a religious text, and yet embraces the basic values that have been expressed and embraced by so many societies for so long makes it accessible regardless of religion, race, etc. What I really love about The Way to Happiness is that it doesn't just give you a list of what you should and shouldn't do, but actually gives you the reasons behind the values - WHY you should or shouldn't do this, HOW it can affect your life and gives you the guide on how to apply it practically to your life.

6. Why are you so active with The Way to Happiness? What was your purpose in doing this?

I read the book back in 1992 when my kids were just babies and thought it was just the sweetest and most practical little book for raising a family. Both my kids grew up with these guidelines and I helped them to understand why it is so important to live a good, clean life. My daughter and son, both teenagers now, never went through any “terrible twos” or any recalcitrance when they hit puberty. They both know the concept of contribution to others and to their community. Raising healthy, happy kids was and continues to be my main purpose - they are the future.

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