Improving Education Internationally Through Teacher Training
As important as it is to raise the educational skills of individual children and adults, the ultimate answer to the broad problems of education is to increase the effectiveness of the schools and teachers.
To accomplish this, Applied Scholastics® International supports Study Technology®-based teacher training programs in many countries.
For, as L. Ron Hubbard has said, “The end and goal of any society as it addresses the problem of education is to raise the ability, the initiative and the cultural level, and with all of that the survival level, of that society” and it is this level of broad improvement which is the ultimate goal of Applied Scholastics® and its supporters.
For example, more than 7,000 teachers and teacher-trainers have been instructed in Study Technology® in the People’s Republic of China; 1,500 in Venezuela; 3,000 in the Dominican Republic; 10,000 in Southern and Central Africa; and 40,000 in Mexico.
These teachers are given tools which enable them to open the doors to learning for their students.

Applied Scholastics® provides teacher training programs in the United States, as well. For example, Professor Caroline Kyhl of Texas Lutheran University has been delivering special training seminars to teachers across the country in which she introduces them to the basics of L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology®. She has delivered seminars to more than 3,000 teachers in addition to training her student teachers at Texas Lutheran.
"As a public school teacher dealing with ‘learning handicapped’ children I would not be able to do my job without the Study Technology® of L. Ron Hubbard. Many of my students believed they had no hope of ever succeeding. With the use of Mr. Hubbard’s methods these students made remarkable gains. Their morale improved, their disciplinary
problems vanished. Their parents couldn’t be happier. This is truly a miraculous tool for all educators."

Vicki Gordon
“As an educator and author for over 25 years, teaching in public and private schools, working with adults in both educational and industrial environments, I have found the Study Technology® of Mr. Hubbard to be invaluable. I have conducted seminars for adults and children across the world from Russia and China to the United States. Study Technology® is a practical, effective tool to help people study and learn. It undercuts so-called ‘learning disabilities’. The concept of having the
tools to help prevent or overcome barriers to learning is truly revolutionary. It is vital for new independent lifelong learning in the information age.”

Bernard Percy, M.A.
Author and Educator

Some of the schools which use L. Ron Hubbard’s study technology
Among the hundreds of schools from around the world which exclusively use L. Ron Hubbard’s study technology
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