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How to Talk to Kids About Drugs
Some people think that drug addictionis a disease, which can't be cured. Some even think that you need to use drugs to get people off of them. Well, it's a lie! It's not true.
NARCONON'S® top instructor Bobby Wiggins answers some of the questions kids have
Saving Children from the Ravages of Drugs [Audio]
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What Kids Have To Say

Video Clips

What Is Narconon

Introductory Video for Parents and School Age Children
Video for Teenagers and Adults
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The video and handbook
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Marijuana - The Myth
This drug education presentation WORKS. This video shows your child what drugs really do and why they are not good to take. NARCONON® has found the exact type of drug education presentation that gets children's' attention, keeps them interested and shows them why they shouldn't take drugs. They are actually given the real truth about drugs.Real-life examples are used which kids, parents and teachers alike will relate to.
The drug education presentation is fun, active, humorous and so simple even young children can understand it.
"People are always telling us 'Don't do drugs', Bob Wiggins told us why not and answered my questions." -Student
What You Need to Know

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