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"Thats about all it goes back to: the misunderstood word, and that produces such a vast panorama of mental effects that it itself is the prime factor involved with stupidity, the prime factor involved with many other things.” L. Ron Hubbard from tape lecture Study and Education.
Actress Kelly Preston and her husband, John Travolta, are vocal supporters of the educational methods used by H.E.L.P and their affiliates.
Issac Hayes in Uganda [Video]

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“The aim is to make a person expert in the use and construction of words and language so that he can convey his concepts and thoughts clearly and lucidly and so that he can understand the thoughts and concepts of others.” L. Ron Hubbard


Vital for adults, college students, tutors, teachers and trainers; fully illustrated. Provides the tools
which allow adults to benefit from training. Educators learn how to remove the basic barriers that
their students may encounter when studying. Also available: the Basic Study Manual Course,
based on the book, helps adults and youth to learn any field


For ages 6-12, fully illustrated. Students gain the tools for learning more, with better comprehension. Also available: the Learning How to Learn Course, based on the book, benefits children throughout their education.


For ages 8 and up, fully illustrated. This book helps children to freely use the dictionary. Also
available: The How to Use a Dictionary Course, based on the book, helps children develop the
dictionary skills that allow them to become independent learners throughout their lives.


For ages 8 and up, fully illustrated. L. Ron Hubbard's breakthrough approach enables children to learn grammar, not as an arduous set of rules, but as a field that facilitates reading, speech and writing. Also available: the Grammar and Communication Course, based on the book, presents grammar simply, with a step-by-step approach and always with an eye to the usefulness of the subject.


For teenagers, fully illustrated. This easy-to-understand book helps the student learn more and
with better comprehension. Also available: the Study Skills for Life Course, based on the book,
motivates teens to get more out of education.

                        L.Ron Hubbard The Humanitarian Education

I have been engaged in a study of applications of technology to illiteracy and illiterate or semiliterate populations, declared L. Ron Hubbard, and found some simple levels of approach.To those not yet familiar with the works of L. Ron Hubbard, let us begin with a few equally simple statements of fact: As the founder of Dianetics and Scientology, he has received wide acclaim from many quarters; for drawing upon the central truths of those subjects, he has provided solutions to a wide range of critical problems.
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