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Overcome Addiction

Unexpectedly a person may find himself or herself faced with a family member or loved one who is a drug addict.

How did it happen? Why did it happen? What can I do?

These are the questions asked, and without answers the person is left frustrated and unable to do something effective to help this person.

The new release of Helping Someone Overcome Addiction—Volume I: A Basic Understanding, provides an understanding of how a person can become addicted to drugs and what those drugs do to a person's behavior. This book also provides a detailed description of the cycle of drug use that drug addicts and loved ones are all too familiar with—quitting followed by relapse.

In addition, the reader will gain an understanding of the depression, drug cravings and guilt that occur when someone becomes addicted to drugs.

Executive Director of Narconon Arrowhead®, Gary Smith, co-author of Helping Someone Overcome Addiction states, "Most of the information is based on 30-plus years of research done by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard who recognized early on that drug and alcohol addiction is a huge problem, but that it can be overcome." Smith, himself a recovered heroin addict through the Narconon® program, has been helping others do the same through effective education and rehabilitation since 1975.
This volume tells just how and why good people surrender to the trap of addiction and how the effects of addiction can be seen in daily life.

The first book in the Helping Someone Overcome Addiction series is called "What Is Addiction?" It describes in complete detail the cycle of drug use, quitting and relapse - a cycle that every drug addict and an addict's loved ones are all too familiar with. It also explains the depression, drug cravings and guilt that occur when someone becomes a drug addict.
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