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Following is the services schedule and methods of payment for the Narconon® treatment program.

Medical Withdrawal
: Is an optional step which is dependent on whether or not the client is physically addicted to drugs or alcohol and the withdrawal from them would pose serious life threatening consequences in which case 24 hour medical supervision and additional medical care would be required. In such cases the client will be admitted to the local hospital under the care of our medical director Dr. David Wooten M.D. The arrangements should be made in advance to coordinate a smooth admission. The costs for this service vary, and are separate from that of Narconon. Payment needs to be arranged with the provider directly.

Total Narconon Program Service Fee $US30,000

*Plan I?
Narconon® of Oklahoma offers a 10% discount on the full program payment if it is received prior to, or at the time of admission:

Program fee $US30,000     minus 10% $US 3,000      Total payment $US27,000

Plan 2: Narconon® of Oklahoma offers a three payment option:

On the date of admission
30 days after admission
60 days after admission
Total payment $US 30,000

*On Occasion it may be necessary for a Narconon® staff member or counselor to help coordinate an intervention, make a court appearance, or provide escort services. All of these services are available and the costs are determined by the various circumstances of the situation.

Narconon® Program Services Structure

Phase I (approx. Duration 4-6 wks)
1. 24-hour staff/medical observation until client is stable
2. Therapeutic TR's Section
3. Narconon New Life Detoxification Program
4. Medical Services (excluding blood/lab work)
5. Room and board
6. Blood/Lab work

Phase II, (approx. Duration 4-5wks)
1. Learning Improvement Course*
2. The Communication and Perception Section
3. Room and board

Phase III (approx. Duration 4-5wks)
1. Ups and Downs in Life Section and counseling
2. Personal Values and Integrity Section and counseling
3. Changing Conditions In Life Section and counseling
4. The Way To Happiness Section
5. Room and board
6. Discharge planning
7. Follow. Up program


In 1970, Narconon® was incorporated as a non-profit, public benefit corporation, and received its 501(c) (3) Federal tax exemption in 1975. Unfortunately, Narconon is not funded, in the United States. Therefore, the above, mentioned fees are required. The duration of the program is aprx.3-5 months and is financially based on services outlined above and has no financial considerations on length of stay. However, all service fees will have been properly allocated and absorbed at the end of 90 days. In the event an individual should exceed the 3-5 month average time duration, no further payments will be required.

Health Insurance Coverage. Some individuals have health insurance coverage that will pay for all or a portion of the Narconon Program. Narconon does not accept insurance as a guarantee of payment. When health insurance is involved Narconon of Oklahoma requires that the responsibility of the program payment be arranged with the program financier accord to an agreed upon payment plan. Narconon will submit the insurance billings and work with the insurance company to gain payment for the program services or reimbursement for the insured.

Narconon® New Life Centers' "therapeutic model" is a simulated living community, which is designed to enable a client to learn the appropriate levels of responsibility, ultimately required for their own drug free survival, once discharged from residential treatment. The simulated living community is likened to a small society, and as in any society there has to be rules (laws) to govern by and to maintain a required level of moral and ethical values. Narconon utilizes the "student rules of conduct" which are furnished upon arrival (copy available upon request), for the purpose of maintaining a therapeutic level of responsibility to ones own recovery as well as that of others. The rules serve as a guideline for staff to identify problem areas. Once a problem area is determined through the non-adherence to the rules it will become a treatment issue and become part of the individuals treatment plan, at which time it is added to the treatment problem list for more specific attention. These problems are addressed through the ethics counseling division on an individual basis, the ethics counselor assigned to the individual will counsel with him and help the individual through the situation that has occurred, with the main focus on guiding the person back on track. This is successful 97% of the time. In the rare instance that the individual decides to continue non-adherence without any regard for others, or in the event that an individual causes deliberate physical or emotional injury to others through his actions, it may become necessary to suspend or expel the client for an undetermined amount of time, in the hopes that some form of behavior modification will result, so the client may return. In such instances repayment requests are not applicable.
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