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Narconon® International has provided drug education and prevention programs to children and adults for over 30 years. Utilizing the research and developments of L. Ron Hubbard in the field of drug rehabilitation and education, the Narconon® program reaches out to kids in a way that is real to them, providing answers to the questions they have about drugs.

The Narconon® drug education presentations have been conducted with millions of school children around the world. For those areas where we do not have Narconon centers or staff, our videos and booklets are able to reach millions more.

Kids often use drugs because they are curious and don't realize that the consequences far outweigh the perceived benefits. They don't know that drug residues lodge in the body for years and that even so called "casual" short term use will still leave it's mark. Few have any understanding of what a drug really is. Without this knowledge, how can we expect them to make a rational decision not to use drugs?

It is not enough to provide effective drug rehabilitation and salvage those who have become addicted to drugs. All of us have the responsibility to reach out to young people and keep them from ever having to experience the agony and hopelessness of addiction.

If you know a child, or adult, who would benefit from learning the truth about drugs, Narconon International can help. Our videos, books and booklets provide answers.

Marijuana The Myth Video
The Truth About Drugs: What Is It?
Many have heard that "Marijuana is natural" or "It can't hurt you" or "It only stays in your system for thirty days". Is this really true?

What are the real effects of Marijuana on your health? Hear the truth like you've never heard before! This video provides up-to-date information about drugs for teenagers, which they won't get anywhere else.

This introductory video explains to children exactly why drugs are such a destructive force in society and why they shouldn't be used. Bobby Wiggins, a NARCONON Drug Prevention Specialist for over 16 years, offers a lively and engaging presentation that effectively communicates the message: DON'T USE DRUGS! Don't let your children find out about drug use the hard way! Let them watch this video and get THE TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS!
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10 Things Your Friends
May Not Know About Drugs Booklet

The Way to Happiness® booklets

A simple easy-to-read booklet which exposes the most common false information that kids have. Step by step with illustrations the true information is given so young people can make the right decision.

* Also available by special order in Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Taiwanese, French, Swedish. Email us for details The Way to Happiness booklets

The Way to Happiness
® book, a common sense guide to better living, shows the way out of today’s moral confusion. Its 21 moral precepts are based on common sense and can be agreed to by individuals of any race, cultural or religious background. 95 page illustrated booklet.
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Education Programs & Materials

Narconon First® Step
Drug-Free Withdrawal Book

Narconon® First Step Communications Skills Book
Narconon® First Step Workshop Guidebook
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The Narconon® First Step Program is not a medical program. . . it is not a full drug rehabilitation program.
It is exactly what it is named- a "First Step" to handling drug addiction - getting off the drugs.

Very simple methods using nutrition and other exercises that you can use with most people to get them through a drug-free withdrawal.

A companion to the First Step manual, the communication skills contained in this book can be used by anyone and have proven to be very effective in helping a person come off and stay off drugs. Designed for use by individuals and community based programs. This book is for anyone interested in actually running a Narconon First Step workshop. There are easy to follow instructions with checksheets to take you through each step so there is no confusion or concern as to what you need to do next to have a good result.

Clear Body Clear Mind Book
Narconon® New Life Detoxification Program Book
Introduction by Dr David Root MD and James Barnes Health Physicist
What causes drug and alcohol cravings?

Can you get rid of drug and toxin residues in your body once and for all?

How have over a quarter of a million people have been freed from continuing effects of harmful substances.

This book answers these questions and provides a complete description of the New Life Detoxification program developed by L. Ron Hubbard that is used in the Narconon program.

The whole story behind how drugs affect the body, and how the New Life Detoxification Program works to eliminate toxins from the system.

This book explains the rationale and methodology of the detoxification process from beginning to end, including how vitamins help cleanse the body of drugs and other residues. For complete details on how the Detoxification Program can help you or someone else, this book is a must-have!
Detox Program
Detox Overview
Visual Overview
17 Pages On-line Detox FAQ

Rehabilitating a Drugged Society Book
Narconon Overview Booklet
L. Ron Hubbard called drugs "the single most destructive element present in our culture" and found a way out for the individual and for the world. This magazine format publication discusses the whole bio-chemical problem of the late twentieth (and now early twenty-first) century. It tells in some detail how society came to have such a problem - and what can be done about it. A comprehensive description of the Narconon program, this book includes:

Detailed program description

Licensing and Certification documents

Evaluations of the Narconon Program

Listings of Narconon drug education & rehabilitation centers around the world


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