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Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the gravest societal problems in existence today. Addicts harm themselves and the world in general through crime, lost productivity, domestic violence, abuse, neglect and errors made while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, like the drunk driver who smashes into a crowd of innocent bystanders. The toll that addiction takes on everyone is staggering.

Now a book is available that explains exactly what addiction is and how it works. It was written by two drug and alcohol counselors who have been helping addicts for many years at Narconon of Oklahoma, a long-term, non-traditional rehabilitation facilty that boasts a program graduate rehabilitation rate of approximately 70%.

This volume tells just how and why good people surrender to the trap of addiction and how the effects of addiction can be seen in daily life.

The first book in the Helping Someone Overcome Addiction series is called "What Is Addiction?" It describes in complete detail the cycle of drug use, quitting and relapse - a cycle that every drug addict and an addict's loved ones are all too familiar with. It also explains the depression, drug cravings and guilt that occur when someone becomes a drug addict.

This book will be released in mid-June 2003. For more information, or to reserve your copy, please call 1-800-468-6933 or visit
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