Narconon® Professional Training
The goal of the Narconon® program is to resolve the problems of substance abuse, with their attendant companions: crime, violence and the enormous costs in ruined lives and broken families. Narconon® drug rehabilitation centers factually help substance abusers achieve new lives without drugs; and, of course, the benefits go beyond individual addicts to their families and communities. However, to really make a difference in the current social chaos caused by drugs it is imperative that the results of the Narconon® program become widely available.
With this in mind, Narconon® Arrowhead operates an international training center which offers full training and apprenticeships. Programs include training in the Narconon® method of drug-free withdrawal, detoxification and delivery of life improvement courses as well as in the establishment and administration of Narconon® centers.

While staff of Narconon centers come from around the world to train at Narconon Arrowhead, the training program is also open to professionals from other organizations which wish to utilize the Narconon method.

Gary Smith, Narconon Arrowhead Executive Director, says that working in the drug treatment field without the necessary tools and knowledge to address hard-core addiction can be a discouraging proposition, and adds, “This is where Narconon Arrowhead comes in. Training materials have been developed over the past ten years which make it possible for anyone who really wants to help drug and alcohol abusers to achieve excellent results.”

A key part of the training is working with recovering addicts in order to get them successfully through each step of the program. In that way, trainees gain hands-on experience in application. They do not just study the materials relating to addiction and its resolutions. Trainees also thoroughly learn how to apply the materials to addicts, to help them through withdrawal, through a full detoxification regime, and through the courses which teach the former addicts how to deal with life situations without again resorting to alcohol or drugs or destructive behavior. It is a comprehensive approach that gets unprecedented results.

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Narconon® Drug Rehabilitation Program Course Materials:
Rehabilitating A Drugged Society
Narconon Program Starter Kits:
NARCONON: Drug Rehabilitation and Prevention Services for Three Decades:
Narconon New Life Detoxification Program
Drug Education Videos (Truth About Drugs & Marijuana the Myth):
Narconon Training Materials: "Opening a Successful Narconon Center" course
Narconon Training Materials: "Running an Effective Narconon Center" course
Narconon® specializes in cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, marijuana addiction, methamphetamine addiction, alcoholism and methadone addiction. The Narconon® program works equally well for any heavy addiction.
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