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Instant CalMag-C®
The super-fast acting Calcium & Magnesium
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How Instant CalMag-C helps you
About your Body
Flu and Illness
Hormones, Stress, Sleep, Weight
Kids and Teens
Restless Legs
Calcium and Magnesium being alkaline, are not naturally utilized by the body unless they are in an acid base which releases the required ion* for them to penetrate the Cellular structure and go through the blood vessel and intestinal walls.

Instant CalMag-C has been
carefully formulated with the correct acid base to give you the optium and maxium absorption.

From 1 to 3 glasses of Cal-Mag a day, with or after meals, replaces any tranquilizer. It does not produce the drugged effects of tranquilizers (which are quite deadly).

Calcium and magnesium are vital for every single cell in your body to function properly. That's why deficiencies in these minerals can create many different problems in the body, some of which are listed below.

Aches and pains, hangovers, adrenal, stress, headaches, racing, heart, arthritis, heart problems, restlessness, backaches, hyperactivity, relaxation, bad disposition, insomnia sleep difficulties, body tension, leg cramps, sore muscles, constipation, low energy, stress ,depression, muscle spasms, tiredness, drug withdrawal, muscle stiffness, weak bones fatigue, neck pain, nervousness

Beating stress daily...
With food supplies and agricultural soils having become so deficient in minerals, it is now necessary to compensate for health cycles that once occurred naturally. That Instant CalMag-C can make such a difference in peoples' lives is perhaps not so much an indication of a great product, but rather a sad testament to deteriorating food sources.

What makes Instant CalMag-C® different to other forms of calmag?

The secret behind Instant CalMag-C® lies in its specific blend. That's what makes it achieve what calcium and magnesium are supposed to; the correct ratios and pH balance.

Calcium and magnesium need to be in a 2:1 ratio, and, both being alkaline, need the correct acid base that would allow absorption by the body. This is as vital as a power supply is to a computer. Without it, it can't work.

For example: a brand of calmag in tablet form on the market today is actually harmful. Because it lacks the correct acid base the minerals achieve nothing but form deposits in the joints and kidneys (eventually resulting in kidney or other stones).

Equally importantly, Instant CalMag-C® contains no sugar or aspartame (artificial sweetener). Sugar is a main culprit that burns up the calcium and magnesium stores in the body in the first place, and is a leading cause for deficiencies in these minerals.

Aspartame is very dangerous in any form, not just in calmag. It destroys nerve and connective tissue which can precipitate disasters as alarming as lupus, which can be fatal. (Ironically, even without the correct acid base, most calmags on the market contain either sugar or aspartame to make it more palatable.)

Instant CalMag-C® is also free of yeast and gluten, and is diabetic friendly.

Directions & Dosage

Instant CalMag-C® is perfectly safe for anyone, from infant to granny.

For young babies, it should be diluted way down and given in water (a tad less than quarter of a teaspoon of Instant Calmag-C powder per day). When baby starts teething it will be a much calmer experience.

Remember that calcium coats the nerve ends and is a natural painkiller. It is best to give it to a baby with water, rather than a fruit juice, because then he or she will become accustomed to it's taste – and ask you for it when older.

For teens and adults it is best taken in the evenings after supper about twenty minutes before sleep. You can dissolve a heaped teaspoon of Instant CalMag-C powder in a third of a glass of boiled water, then top up with your favorite juice.

Many people prefer taking it directly on the tongue, like a sherbet. Children particularly love its refreshing taste this way.

During stressfull times one can safely take extra doses three or four times a day.


*Ion: An electrically charged atom or group of atoms formed by the loss or gain of one or more electrons. A positive ion is created by electron loss and a negative ion is created by electron gain.

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