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L. Ron Hubbard-- Ethics, Justice and Civilization includes answers to rampant criminality and failing morals. Learn how it is possible to return an individual to a life of decency, honor and self respect-- and about the groundbreaking programs that are doing so every day.

Fully illustrated, 88 pages.
A series of special publications has been produced about various aspects of the life of L. Ron Hubbard. L. Ron Hubbard: Ethics, Justice & Civilization is the most recent in this series.

In it, Mr. Hubbard’s solution to the biggest single mystery regarding criminality is described. There is not a criminal in the world, he tells us, whose life of crime cannot be traced to a loss of self-respect.

Mr. Hubbard also resolved the enigma of criminality itself and discovered technology by which even seemingly incorrigible criminals can, step by step, place themselves back on the road to honesty, decency and self-respect.

This and much more is available in this 88-page volume.

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