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Narconon® is a Non-Traditional Drug Treatment Center Specializing in Cocaine Addiction, Heroin Addiction, Methamphetamine Addiction, Alcoholism and Methadone Addiction. The Narconon Program Works Equally Well For Any Heavy Addiction. 76% of Narconon Graduates Beat Their Drug Addiction Permanently. Narconon Succeeds Where Traditional Drug Treatment Fails.
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Narconon Arrowhead®, one of the largest residential drug rehabilitation centers in the world, opened its state-of-the-art facilities in August 2001 in Oklahoma. In addition to rehabilitation, it provides training in the successful program for the growing network of Narconon centers, of which 106 now operate in 31 countries
Narconon Arrowhead is located on 216 acres of land on the shores of beautiful Lake Eufaula in south eastern Oklahoma. We offer a comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatment program in a friendly, safe and serene environment     Narconon Arrowhead Brochure    Narconon Arrowhead Proclamation

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The addict has been found not to want to be an addict, but is driven by pain and environmental hopelessness. As soon as an addict can feel healthier and more competent mentally and physically without drugs than he does on drugs, he ceases to require drugs.”       L. Ron Hubbard.

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Narconon specializes in cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, marijuana addiction, methamphetamine addiction, alcoholism and methadone addiction. The Narconon program works equally well for any heavy addiction.

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76% Success Rate backed by our solid guarantee. If any student of our program goes back to their addiction within six months of the programs completion we will readmit them at no cost
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