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In the absence of workable psychotherapy wide drug addiction is inevitable. When a person is depressed or in pain and where he finds no physical relief from treatment, he will eventually discover for himself that drugs, remove his symptoms. In almost all cases of, psychosomatic pain, malaise or discomfort the person has sought some cure for the upset. When he at last finds that only drugs give him relief he will surrender to them and become dependent upon them often to the point of addiction. Years before had there been any other way out most people would have taken it. But when they are told there is no cure that their pains are "Imaginary," life tends to become insupportable. They then can become chronic drug takers and are in danger of addiction.
The time required to make an addict varies, of course.The complaint itself may only be "sadness or weariness." The ability to confront life in any case, is reduced.
Any substance that brings relief or makes life less a burden physically or mentally will then be welcome. In an unsettled and insecure environment, psychosomatic illness is very widespread.
So before any government strikes too heavily at spreading drug use, it should recognize that it is a symptom of failed psychotherapy. The social scientist, the psychologist and psychiatrist and health ministers have failed to handle spreading psychosomatic illness.
It is too easy to blame it all on "social unrest" or the pace of modern society.
The hard, solid fact is that there has been no effective psychotherapy in broad practice. The result is a drug-addicted population.
Dianetics was designed as broadly applicable low-cost mental health. It is the only mental technology fully validated by actual test. It is fast. It is effective.
Health services should assist it into wide general use.
It can handle the problem.

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