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            Data Collection Continues
FASE [ Foundations for Advancements in Science and Education] research director Marie Cecchini recently returned from a trip to New York during which she reviewed and updated Downtown Medical's case database. Among the most striking findings from this recent review is a dramatic reduction in the need for medication. Of those on medication at program start, 82 percent no longer need medications following detoxification.
Project co-founder Tom Cruise recently hosted an event for the first program graduates, honoring both their service to New York City and their successful detoxification.

The aftermath of September 11 found some 4,000 rescue workers, fireman and emergency medical technicians suffering from what came to be called " Ground Zero Cough" or "World Trade Centre Flu". Symptoms included chronic fatigue, exacerbated by an inability to sleep, headaches, short-term memory loss and difficulty concentrating. The cause of these symptoms, exposure to extremely high levels of toxins in the smoke and the dust from the pulverized towers.

LRH's detoxification technology is the only solution. So to make this tech available to the rescue workers, in September 2002 the U.S IAS Members' Trust provided a grant to both construct and operate a facility in New York which could administer the LRH Detoxification Program to the rescue workers.

Located on the fifth floor of a downtown Manhatten office building, just two blocks from Ground Zero, the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project is easily accessible to the rescue workers that need the program.

The program including exercise, sweat out and vitamin regimen removes the toxin chemicals from the body. And the levels and variety of toxins to which the workers had been exposed were extreme. Following the collapse of the towers, fires had continued to burn for more than eight weeks and their smoke contained all sorts of toxic particles from the debris. Additionally, the two 110-story concrete structures had been pulverized into dust so fine that breathing it was like inhaling a gas containing every element the buildings had been made of,: asbestos fiberglass, plastics, metals and other poisonous chemicals. Just the toxic by-products of the plastic combustion alone has measured at thousands of times the safe exposure level.

On the 28th of September, the New York Rescue workers Detoxification Center opened its doors to the first Ground Zero workers. How well the program was received is best seen in a letter written by the health and safety Coordinator of the Uniformed EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians). and paramedics of the New York Fire Department Local 2507.

"I have grave concerns about the toxic exposures that our members suffered in the aftermath of the WTC attacks. We may never find out all there is to know about the chemicals that were released during the attacks or the rescue and the recovery efforts that continued for many months, but we do know that many of the symptoms that rescue workers are now manifesting are consistent with chemical exposure.

"I am disturbed by what is happening. I am convinced we need your help. The detoxification program that you are providing made sense to me when I first learnt about it. But I have to say that the results that are being achieved are beyond what I expected. After learning about the program I referred one of my members for detoxification. He was worried he was going to be retired due to his respiratory condition. He was taking several drugs including the steroid prenisone, and could not walk a block without using his inhaler.

"Needless to say, with all these health problems and the stress related to the possibility that he could be retired, he was worried about his future.his family and quality of life, secondary to the toxins affecting his health. Not any More! After completing the program he can run two miles a day with no problem. He regained his energy and the sense of hope. He no longer needs medication of any kind. The possibility of having to be retired has vanished.

"This is the kind of change we need. Every time we lose a member we lose years of experience. Every time we lose an EMT or paramedic it lowers the morale of all our heroes. I want to express my strong support for the work you are doing. Aside from the personal gains, which are dramatic. I believe this is a cost effective approach to the problems we face. I hope that you will call on me to assist in any endeaver to make this program available to all the rescue workers in New York City."

Those results are now available to the rescue workers of New York because of your support and grants from the US IAS Members' Trust.

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