Criminal Rehabilitation
President, Criminon® International
Freedom Medal Winner Greg Capazorio has just arrived from South Africa to take on the position of President, Criminon International and spearhead the major expansion of Criminon across the planet.

He, along with Nancy Pomerantz (the Executive Director of Criminon Int), have taken responsibility for accomplishing
The Worlds Most Effective Rehabilitation Program: A spell-binding, incredible story from South Africa
(12-minute video)
Freedom Medal Winner, Greg Capazorio.
Criminon's goal on a global scale. Their mission is to bring about a total revolution in the field of criminal rehabilitation and make Criminon the name on the tip of everyone's tongue when they think of effective rehabilitation of criminals.
Greg Capazorio was awarded the IAS Freedom Medal in 2002, for his role in spearheading the thorough implementation of the Criminon program throughout South Africa. The Department of Corrections in this country has now made rehabilitation their core focus. This is a huge turnaround for a country where the murder rate is 5 times the International average and no real solutions were being looked at.

As part of the establishment of the Criminon
® International headquarters in Los Angeles, Greg and Nancy will be personally establishing the following types of programs in the Los Angeles area:

Youth programs that act as gang prevention and crime prevention programs. They are currently busy working with a police officer from Pasadena who is setting up the OG (Old Gang Members) for Criminon delivery. They are additionally working with the Hollywood Division, LAPD on establishing programs there.

Reentry programs where inmates coming out of jails are made employable.

Probation and parolee programs that keep offenders from returning to prison or a life of crime, and make them into productive and employable citizens.

Through their work in forming up the above types of activities, and through their work in establishing a large and effective network of Criminon programs all around the world, Greg and Nancy will be making Criminon's purpose very live and very real:

To clean up crime on the planet by rehabilitating criminals so they are returned to society as productive and contributing individuals and by reforming the criminal justice system so real rehabilitation is delivered, not punishment.”

Greg and Nancy can be contacted at Criminon
® International at 323-962-2404 or e-mail them at
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