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CRIMINON® South Africa
Criminon South Africa is currently delivering its services in 59 facilities around the country, ranging from juvenile centres to maximum security prisons.
The Worlds Most Effective Rehabilitation Program: A spell-binding, incredible story from South Africa
(12-minute video)
Helena Costa


The Leeuwkop Maximum facility houses approximately 1500 individuals who are serving long sentences for the most gruesome of offenses. The wardens who in 2000 guarded this facility with high-calibre arms, are no longer working in fear at the death threats they once daily received. Criminon started it's delivery at Leeuwkop in that same year and the number of "internal crimes" were 1084. It is no surprise that 12 months later these incidents were reduced to 3, and, the following year, zero. Today, the atmosphere is one of calm and order and wardens no longer need to hold readied weapons at their side, as an attending guest commented: "One has to pinch yourself to remind you that you are in a maximum security prison!".
The 10-man team of supervisors at Leeuwkop Maximum facility received a Trophy for the most productive On-site team in the country,
120 Leeuwkop Maximum facility inmates recieving their certifcate of completion of The Way to Happiness Course.

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