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Welcome to The Athena School

The Athena School is an independent, co-educational school, which provides a nurturing learning environment for students from Pre-Kindy through Primary and High School to Year 10, whilst being educated on the NSW Board of Studies Curriculum.

Our name, Athena, is derived from the ancient Greek Goddess of Wisdom and the Arts.

The Athena School was founded in 1986 by a group of concerned parents, who recognised that not all teaching results in students actually learning and that the future of our society depends upon the ability to learn and put that knowledge into use.

Spiritual Philosophy
Whilst not promoting any particular religious philosophy, The Athena School encourages the recognition of our spiritual nature. We put importance on developing such virtues as kindness, tolerance and respect, as well as those which appear on our school logo: persistence, integrity and understanding.

Learning at Athena

Our approach is friendly and caring and works to develop in the students a passion for learning.

To achieve this, we provide smaller classes with a higher teacher/student ratio and more personalised attention.

The school’s educational focus is on nurturing the student’s individual talents and encouraging an enquiring mind.

Students at Athena are introduced to a simple, practical method of study from their early school years. By the time they arrive in High School they are independently able to use this method of study to investigate and research any topic of interest. Furthermore, this method of study results in the students truly understanding what they have learned, so they can put their knowledge to practical use in the workaday world.

The Athena School Independent Private School located in Newtown with focus on the 3Rs (Reading, writing & arithmetic) and emphasis on excursions and hands-on education.

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