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Intro. Course Price List
Subject to change
Drug Rehabilitation

Therapeutic TR Course (1)     Trs 1-9          1 Week Full Time                                   $175.00
Materials for TR Course                                                                                             $40.00

Sauna (must be done in house)                             N/A                                             $2,000.00
(Can also purchase New Life Detoxification Program® book
& Clear Body Clear Mind®: for both)                                                                           $28.29

*Learning Improvement (3)                      1-2 Days Full Time                                     $85.00
Comm. & Perception Course (4A)           1-2 Weeks Full Time       [TRS 1-4]             $875.00
Comm. & Perception Course (4B)           1-2 Weeks Full Time       [Objectives]       $875.00
Ups & Downs in Life Course (5)              2-5 Days Full Time                                     $85.00
Personal Values & Integrity Course (6)        1 Week Full Time                                   $85.00
Changing Conditions in Life Course (7)        1 Week Full Time                                    $85.00
The Way to Happiness Course (8)             1-2 Days Full Time                                    $85.00

*Success through Communication              2-3 Days Full Time                                   $150.00
*Assist Pack                                             3-5 Days Full Time                                   $100.00

Field Service Member Check-sheet          1-2 Days Full Time                                      $50.00
Basic Study Manual                                  1 Week Full Time                                      $100.00

**Drug Prevention Specialist Course          1 Week Full Time                                    $250.00
Drug Prevention Specialist Course App.     2 Weeks Full Time                                   $500.00
(With the How to Talk About Drugs Video) 28 minutes                                                $29.95
(With the Educators Pack (Contains the Marijuana the Myth Video, The Truth About Kids and Drugs Video and an Informational Guide}                                                                              $89.95

How to Open a Successful NN                   2 Weeks Full Time                                  $500.00
Takes a person through all the departments and channels he needs to know to run a Narconon® Center
*The Professional Intro. Training package consists of the Success Through Communication Course, the Assist Pack and the Learning Improvement Course.                                                   $300.00
**The prerequisites for the Drug Prevention Specialist Course
are Book1 TRs and the Learning Improvement Course.                                             $500

                                                                                                              Total        $US6989.00

To purchase only the text the cost is for the following books:                                  $38.46 each
Therapeutic TR Course (1)
Learning Improvement (3)
Comm. & Perception Course (4A)
Comm. & Perception Course (4B)
Ups & Downs in Life Course (5)
Personal Values & Integrity Course (6)
Changing Conditions in Life Course (7)
The Way to Happiness Course (8)
                                                                                                                8 Packs  = $308.00
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